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ANMAR Poland full range metrology laboratory.

Anmar provides high quality services in the field of calibration of measuring instruments.
We have over thirty years of experience in the metrology industry. In our work we use high quality diagnostic and measuring equipment of such companies as: Fluke, Hewlett Packard – Agilent – Keysight, Tektronix, Vitrek, Omega, IET Lab

wojskowe centrum normalizacji, jakości i kodyfikacji

Laboratory of Electrical Values

Equipped with state of the art calibration equipment, we have created 5 measurement stations for electrical values;
  • Calibration station for multimeters and power supplies
  • : FLUKE 5520A/SC600, HP3458A
  • Calibration station for oscilloscopes up to 1100MHz and multimeters up to 8½ digits:  FLUKE 5700A/03, 5520A/1100/PQ, 8508A
  • Calibration station for multimeters up to 5½ digits;    Wavetek 9100 + coil 10/50 turn, Agilent 34401A
  • Calibration station for electrical power parameters and Hipot safety testers:   FLUKE 5320A/40, 5080A + coil 50 turn, Vitrek PA900, Vitrek 955i, Vitrek 4700/70kV, Agilent 34401A
  • Calibration station for calibrators; FLUKE 5700A/30, 8508A, DATRON 4950, Keysight EU3458A
  • Calibration station for LCR and passive elements;   HP4284A, HP4285A, HP16380A, HP16380C, HP42030A, standard inductors for LCR verification
  • RF calibration station: Generating up to 4 GHz and measuring signal parameters up to 18 GHz, HP 8901A, HP8563A, HP8903A, HP5347A, HP436A, E4418B, HP8481A, HP8482A, Agilent U2041XA, HP11582A, HP11667A, HP355C, HP8496G, HP8496H

Environmental Conditions Laboratory

The pressure calibration station in our laboratory is equipped with a precise FLUKE controller, model 7250xi working in the range of 0.001 bar – 172 bar and accuracy of 0.005 %, medium – synthetic air with a pressure of 200 bar.

Pressure from 0 to 700 bar is calibrated with Crystal calibrator, accuracy 0.025%, medium water. Pressure from 20 to 2500 bar (250 MPa) is calibrated with DWT load piston calibrator, accuracy 0.010%, medium – Dioctyl Sebacate oil (DOS)

Length and Angle Laboratory

The ABBE super micrometer is used for measuring lengths up to 700 mm, inner and outer ring diameters up to 250 mm, inner and outer thread parameters, gauge indicators.
In our laboratory we also perform calibration of callipers up to 600mm, rigid scales up to 5 meters, coiled measure tape, micrometers and micrometer depth gauges, analog and digital dial indicators.

Bio-Medical Laboratory

Periodic verification of parameters, performance and functionality of instruments used in healthcare facilities is a guarantee of our safety as patients.

ANMAR ensures that the parameters of testers and their safe operation are verified.

The station is equipped with: RES-300 High power surgical module, HD-8000C DefiTester (temp. SpO2, ECG, power source J), Tektronix oscilloscope, ME-01 calibrator/manometer– Sphgrometer, FLUKE 719 Pro-300G, FLUKE 8846A, PRO-8e Pulse Oximeter, Wavetek 73 arbitrary generator, DATRON 4800 universal calibrator, AED defibrillator, 3 liter syringe, test load, resistors.

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