October 2019

Taking into account the needs of our customers, ANMAR Poland has just purchased and is waiting for the supply of FLUKE current amplifier model 52120A, which will extend our calibration capabilities for a wide range of power and energy meters, clamp meters, current transformers and Rogowski coils (e.g. Fluke i6000 iFlex) up to 6000 A. This amplifier delivers directly DC current up to 100 A and AC current up to 120 A with an accuracy of 140 ppm, as well as providing current generation up to 3000 A or 6000 A using auxiliary coils. The ANMAR will be able to generate up to 6000A with a COIL6KA.

In our laboratory, the 52120A current amplifier will work with one of our Fluke 5080A, 5500A, 5520A, 5700A, or Wavetek 9100 multifunctional calibrators. We plan to launch the instrument in MetCal calibration system for automation and recording of measurement results in accordance with Fluke’s procedures.

The amplifier can also operate in closed loop mode by communicating directly with Fluke 610X calibrator (Electrical Power Standard), which is the control unit.