ANMAR Poland Limited Liability Company is the heir to and continuator of the activities and passions of the owners and employees of Anmar Metrology Inc. established in 1987 in San Diego, California, United States. One of the founders of Anmar Metrology Inc., a company recognized on the west coast, is Andrew A. Kubiak, who in 2004 decided to open a branch office in Poland.
As a result of restructuring and ownership changes in Anmar Metrology Inc. in 2011, ANMAR Poland was separated from the Corporation’s structures as an independent establishment.
ANMAR Poland is a stable and trustworthy partner with many years of experience and tens of thousands of certified equipment. Our engineers and technicians are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills.
The best confirmation of the effectiveness in our business is the fact that the group of customers is constantly growing. Companies such as General Electric, GE Medical, Baxter, Hitachi,   Woodward, PKP,  Philips Lighting, Biall, Merazet, ABB, Research Institutes and a number of military institutions have already trusted us.

We have thirty years of experience in the metrology industry.

Calibration of measuring devices are performed with reference to physical-chemical constants or values measured to standard etalons in Central Office of Measures and accredited to ISO 17025 by renowned foreign laboratories: Fluke, Keysight, NIST, L2A, PTB, NPL, Anmar-USA.

ANMAR Poland quality system, until 2021 was accredited to ISO 17025, now meets the conditions required by ISO  

  • We have the most modern measuring equipment
  • We use MetCal and MetNav programs to perform and record measurements
  • We control all processes that affect the quality of instruments to be calibrated
  • We are constantly improving the qualifications of our staff
  • We offer fast and punctual service
  • We analyze the customer’s satisfaction and anticipate their needs
  • Certificates and measurement results are stored for an unlimited period of time