Laboratory of Metrology of Environmental Conditions

  • Environmental Conditions
    Measuring range Measuring instruments
    Hytherographs Temperature and humidity source(hytherographs)
    Anemometers -30°C - 150°C, 0%RH – 100%RH Climatic chamber
    Thermometers Blackbody radiant temperature source Blackbody
    Pyrometers -30°C - 650°C DBB-650
    Thermal imaging cameras Temperature source (thermometers) Calibration furnaces
    -30°C - 125°C Fluke 7103
    -45°C - 140°C Fluke 9170
    Ambient temperature – 450°C Omega CL950
    Temperature simulation Calibrator
    Thermocouples: B, C, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T,U,XK,BP Fluke 7526A
    Resistance sensors: PT385,PT3926,PT3916,NI120,CU427
    Temperature measurement Thermometers
    -200°C to 100°C: ±0.025°C, Hart 1521
    100°C do 400°C: ±0.05°C 
    -50°C to 250°C: ±0.025°C  ASL F250
    Anemometers Air velocity Air velocity
    2,5m/s, 5m/s, 10m/s, 15m/s Omega WTM-1000
  • Pressure measurement
    Measuring range Measuring instruments
    Manometers Pressure measurement Hydraulic pump
    0 – 700 bar Crystal XP (Crystal XP2i)
    -0,83 – 20bar Fluke 718-300G
    Pressure measurement Manometers
    0 – 200inH20 Omega PCL-200
    0 – 200inH20 Merical LP200I
    0 – 10kpsi Crystal XP2i
  • Illumination intensity
    Measuring range Measuring instruments
    Photometers Light source Photometer
    10lx – 15klx Sonopan L-100


  • Sound intensity up to 114 dB
  • Illumination intensity Lx
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras up to 650°C
  • ESD calibration and measurements
  • Manometers up to 700 bar
  • Pressure generation 170 bar with 0.005% accuracy
  • Time measurement

The quality of your product begins in our laboratory.

Measuring stations for calibration of environmental conditions

We have the technical equipment recommended and necessary to perform the calibration process properly. If it is not possible to meet the requirements of tested instrument specification, we never take up the service.
We have transferred the experience gained in the USA to Poland. The quality of our calibration procedures and quality system is confirmed by the implemented ISO 17025 standard and PCA accreditation in selected disciplines.
All measurements are performed in accordance with METNAV procedures, manufacturers, own procedures based on EURAMET recommendations, military procedures or procedures specified by the ordering party.

Temperature calibration and measurement

The temperature station is equipped with instruments that enable to generate temperatures in the range of -40°C to 1200°C by thermal and oil method, and up to 1600°C by electronic method using “Zero C°” block and direct voltage according to ITS-90 table. We calibrate electronic thermometers, glass thermometers, blade thermocouples, thermocouples of all types, pyrometers and IR thermovision cameras in the range of 7.5 to 14 µm spectrum from -40°C to 650°C.

Calibration of pressure gauges

The pressure calibration station in our laboratory is equipped with a precise FLUKE controller, model 7250xi working in the range of 0.001 bar – 172 bar and accuracy of 0.005 %, supplied from a synthetic air cylinder with a pressure of 200 bar.

We do have  the technical ability to calibrate almost all modules of Fluke 700 and 750 series with 0.025% accuracy and other similar grades using a semi-automatic method with 700PCK interface.

Pressure up to 700 bar is obtained by using the calibrator Crystal XP2i2 with an accuracy of 0.05%.

Pressure from 20 to 2500 bar (250 MPa) is calibrated with a DWT pressure balance calibrator, accuracy 0.01%, medium-oil Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS).

Calibration of lighting intensity measuring instruments

Light measuring laboratory deals with the calibration of meters to measure the intensity of light – photometers. As a reference standard, we use the Gamma Scientific USA source with a constant value of 1000 Lx. Measurements in other ranges are made in a darkroom on a 5 meter photometric bench with adjustable baffles (screens) focusing the beam of standard lamps on tested instrument.

Using a Ulbricht integrating sphere we can measure the total luminous flux from any source, we can determine the color temperature (°K), light intensity (Lx), or the power consumed by the tested light source. The ball inside is covered with beryllium Ba²SO4 compounds in order to disperse the light evenly.

News                                                                                                                                FLUKE 7250xi 

In 2016 we purchased a FLUKE calibrator, model 7250xi, working from 0 to 172 bar with an accuracy of 0.005%, for the pressure laboratory, taking into account customer demand. Integration of the instrument with a dictated computer program enables to calibrate and adjust the Fluke 700 and 750 series pressure sensors. So far, this was only possible in the Fluke laboratory in Netherlands. With this system we will save time and money for our customers.

ANMAR Poland since 2009 is the only authorized FLUKE service in Poland.

Instruments calibrated by ANMAR receive a standard calibration certificate with the FLUKE company logo and measurement results, which proves the highest quality of service, calibration equipment (calibrators) and computer programs MetCAL i MetNav that are at our disposal, used and recommended also in manufacturer’s laboratories around the world.
Calibrators used in our lab:
FLUKE 7526A, FLUKE 718/300, FLUKE 7250xi, FLUKE 7103, ASL 250, FLUKE 1521, FLUKE 9101, HP34970A, OMG komora klimatyczna, OMEGA WTM-1000, OMEGA CL950, EDL 650°, OMEGA PCL2000