Our Bio-Medical Metrology Laboratory performs calibration of measuring instruments in the scope of:

  • Bio-Medyczne
    Bio-Medical Measurement range Measuring instruments
    Infusion pump testers 1 – 1000 ml/h Calibration weight Amput 457B
    Stopwatch Robic SC 505
    Manometers for measuring blood pressure 0 – 200inH20 Omega PCL-200 manometer
    0 – 200inH20 Manometr Merical LP200I
    -0,83 – 20bar Fluke 718-300G Calibrator
    Electrical safety testers
    Defibrillator testers HD-8000C DefiTester
    ECG tester PRO-8e Pulse Oximeter
    Medical analyzers Datron 4800A
    SPO2-Puls Fluke 8846A

We’re following the pattern;

  • Analyzers:

  • ECG, Surgical, Safety, Surgical

  • Simulators: ECG, Temperatures, BP Monitors BP

  • Infusion pumps

  • Infusion pumps

  • Hospital and Laboratory Balances

  • Autoclaves

  • Refrigerators

  • Moisture meters

  • Moisture meters

  • Stopwatches

  • Clocks

The quality of your product begins in our laboratory.

Measuring stations for calibration of Bio-Medical values

Periodic verification of the parameters, performance and functionality of instruments used in healthcare facilities is a guarantee of our safety as patients.
ANMAR ensures that the parameters of testers and their safe operation are verified.
The station is equipped with: RES-300 High power surgical module, HD-8000C DefiTester (temp. SpO2, ECG, power source J), Tektronix oscilloscope, ME-01 calibrator/manometer – Sphgrometer, FLUKE 719 Pro-300G, FLUKE 8846A, PRO-8e Pulse Oximeter, Wavetek 73 arbitrary generator, DATRON 4800 universal calibrator, AED defibrillator, 3 liter syringe,  test load, resistors.


Calibration certificates

Each calibration is completed by the generation of a certificate confirming the proper operation of the instrument. Our certificates and measurement results will guarantee you the documentation that will satisfy the requirements of ISO-9001, at the same time certifying that the calibration procedure has been carried out correctly.
In addition, you can be sure that the instrument is operating with maximum tolerance and has been calibrated with the test instruments specified in the certificate and recommended by the manufacturer of your instrument.

We are the only authorized FLUKE Service Center in Poland.

Instruments calibrated by ANMAR receive a calibration certificate with the logo of the ANMAR and FLUKE company and the results of measurements, which proves the highest quality of services, model equipment (calibrators) and computer programs (MetCAL) at our disposal, used and recommended also by the manufacturer’s laboratories.
FLUKE calibrators of electrical parameters are available in our laboratory.
Model: 5700A/30MHz, 5520A/600, 5520A/PQ/1,1GHz, 5320A/40A, 5080A, Wavetek 9100, Datron 4800, Datron 4900A, Datron 4950, 718-300G i 719Pro-300G