ANMAR Poland since 2009 is the only authorized FLUKE service in Poland..

The FLUKE family includes: Fluke Network, Fluke Corporation, Fluke Biomedical, Tektronix, Keithley, LEM, Norma, Robin, Datron, Wavetek, DH Instruments, GE Instruments, BEHA, Hart, Pamon, Metron, Dynatech Nevada, BioTek. Since February 2017 we have also been authorized to service Fluke Networks instruments.

All instruments of these manufacturers operating under the FLUKE brand can be serviced by us.

A large part of calibration is carried out in our laboratory, others can be sent by us to the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain or the United States in order to guarantee the highest quality of service. It is expensive, but in many cases necessary and not possible in our country. We also provide warranty services for these instruments in accordance with the agreement concluded with FLUKE.

As a part of the Fluke Industrial service, we also provide original spare parts for instruments, including batteries, fuses and meter housings, through our online shop..

Instruments calibrated by ANMAR receive a standard calibration certificate with the FLUKE company logo and measurement results, which proves the highest quality of service, calibration equipment (calibrators) and computer programs that are at our disposal, used and recommended also in manufacturer’s laboratories around the world.

We ensure the repeatability of your measurements by using MetCal program with thousands of proven and tested procedures from FLUKE company. If the tested instrument has an IEEE or RS232 interface, all measurements are conducted automatically, the lack of interface is not a problem, the calibration takes place in a semi-automatic mode with the interaction of our metrologist. The repeatability of calibration is of great importance when the user applies the statistical process for the calibrated instruments resulting from the Quality Manual.

In recent years, MetCal has become a global program for calibration and electronic adjustment of measuring equipment not only of Fluke, but also of companies such as: Agilent/Keysight, Tektronix, Keithley, Kyoritsu, ABB, Yokogawa, Chroma and many others

ANMAR Poland has the latest version of program to work with all calibrators that are at our disposal.