ANMAR Poland a representative of VITREK-USA

          In March 2017 we concluded an agreement on the representation of VITREK company from California in Poland. VITREK is known worldwide for its precision equipment for high voltage measurement. The meters manufactured by VITREK are characterized by high accuracy, precise reading, simple and intuitive operation. All VITREK products can be calibrated in our laboratory according to the procedures provided by the manufacturer.

Instruments manufactured by VITREK

PA 900 Precision multi-channel harmonic analyzer

We would like to invite you to a demonstration of VITREK PA 900 device in our laboratory.

Precise Vitrek PA900 harmonic analyzer. Excellent quality and easy operation. Vitrek PA900 provides multi-channel measurement of voltages and currents with high accuracy, as well as provides broadband energy measurement. Vitrek offers world-class measurement capabilities at a relatively low price.

The instrument meets the criteria and specifications for measuring up to 500 harmonics at 400Hz, as defined by Airbus Avionics.

The modular system allows the installation of 4 measurement cards with the possibility of simultaneous installation of 3 different types.

Types of cards.

Type S provides 0.1% of the measurement accuracy in frequency range up to 1 MHz
Type A provides 0.03% of the measurement accuracy in frequency range up to 1 MHz
Type L provides accuracy like card A but is optimized for < 100V, but with a resolution of 10 μV
Type W provides 0.1% of the measurement accuracy in frequency range up to 5 MHz
All cards are available with 3 different current options: D – Double bypass, H – High current and X card – External transducer input.

Built-in recorder – saves up to 16 results on USB flash drive or to a built-in internal memory (option). Programmable recording time interval from 10 mS to 100 hours with the possibility of saving the day and time (option)
Intuitive display shows the readings in: V, A, W, VA, VAR or PF in the selected measuring channel or channel group.
The user has the possibility to choose –color, text size, text location.
After selecting the sampling and trigger time – Scope View, the instrument works as a digital oscilloscope with the possibility of recording the waveform.
Vector image – displays 10 basic vectors of voltage and current.
History Screen – Like a DVR, the PA900 automatically maintains a continuous historical recording of measurement data. Any data from this record may be viewed or downloaded. Pause, clear & restart functionality is available from the HISTORY screen or via interface

Measurements according to EN50564:2011 standard – programming the meter via touch screen. All necessary information is available on a single screen.
Measurement resolution – 22 bits for S & W cards and 24 bits for A cards.
Configuration as 2ø3w (2 channels), 3ø3w (2 channels), 3ø3w (3 channels), 3ø4w (3 channels)
Communication – Ethernet, serial port RS232 or USB (client) control interfaces
Front Panel USB Drive Interface – Permits data logging to a file, ‘screen shot’ capture, easy import and export of: display and measurement configurations & custom data screen definitions

CE marking according to EN61010 standard

You will be glad you did.

95X Series Hipot testers

We invite you to a demonstration of VITREK 955i instrument in our laboratory.

The 95X series of Vitrek testers has been designed with DSP technology in mind for safe use, high measurement capabilities at high sampling rates, and the competition is lagging behind. The 95X series has high output power with a wide AC & DC voltage range and minimized current leakage. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a 4-wire milliohm meter with a dynamic range of 100 kΩ. An option of 40 A GB tester function can be added.

You will be glad you did.

4700 – High voltage meter

We would like to invite you to a demonstration of VITREK 4700 in our laboratory.

Direct measurement or HV SmartProbe™

The Vitrek 4700 precisely measures voltages directly up to 10 kV without external probes. This is a high enough voltage value for direct measurement of most HV sources. One or more SmartProbes™ are available to extend the voltage range. 35 kV, 70 kV, 100 kV or 150 kV. Vitrek SmartProbes™ store the correction values determined during calibration in internal memory. The probe type and calibration data are automatically transcribed to the 4700 when the probe is connected. This results in high accuracy and high precision readability. SmartProbe™ probes can be used for any 4700 high voltage meter. In addition to direct reading, the 4700 has two probe inputs

Reliability of measurement is at the highest level, regardless of whether you are on a high-voltage production line, X-ray imaging diagnostics or in a laboratory, you are testing or calibrating WN power supplies – you have the right tool to do your job. To ensure the best possible precision, the Vitrek 4700 takes 40,000 readings per second, which are then filtered and scaled.

Intended use

  • Designed for calibration of high voltage testers (Hipot), high voltage power supplies and insulation meters
  • Direct measurement up to 10 kV and with additional Smartprobes™ type probes up to 35, 70, 100 or 150 kV
  • Measurement accuracy – 0.03%DC and 0.1% RMSAC
  • Color touch screen display – allows intuitive and easy selection of functions
  • Ethernet type connector, RS 232 serial port and USB is standard, GPIB option
  • Parallel reading of AC and DC voltages
  • RMS AC measurement from 0.01Hz to 600 Hz – VLF frequency cover for aerospace applications
  • AC noise elimination – 78dB – with stable measurement, DC voltage with 6-digit reading
  • Optional battery for 11 hours of operation
  • G-Series – high input impedance of the probe enables electrostatic measurements
  • CE Certificate according to EN 61010
  • Instrument provided with a valid calibration certificate
  • Annual manufacturer’s warranty
        You will be glad you did.

V7X Series Hipot Testers

Measurement of Electrical Safety at the highest level

With its color and touch LCD display, DSP technology, compact size and design, the V7X series sets new standards for measurement and excellent value compared to price. The US product meeting UL, CSA, TUV and IEC requirements for Hipot-V7x meters provides the highest processor velocity, accuracy, repeatability and user safety on the market.

You can choose the most suitable model from six affordable options. We offer AC & DC Hipot up to 5 kV with current leakage measurement of 100 nA, insulation resistance up to 450GΩ, Ground Bond up to 30 A and a built-in switching system, all this with USB, RS232 and Digital I/O interface and manufacturer’s warranty.

The Hipot Experience has been Redefined

For a moment be an arbitrator – compare the V7x to Chinese products available on the market and see the difference, check out the product of US engineers. We build Vitrek Hipot Testers.

V75 with Built-in Hipot Switching

For testing voltage cables and electrical components – we offer the V75 with 16 built-in switching measurement channels. Using the V75, you can test a Hipot or IR in a combination of up to 8 preset values including low resistance (from 001 Ω to 60 kΩ) on 8 wires. All this is fully automatic by selecting a test on the touch screen after programming the instrument. Software will guide you through the programming process, simple! When more than 8 points are required, no problem V7x can control up to 4 Vitrek 964i with 64 HV Switching Systems channels – providing up to 256 Hipot channels. Simply, quickly, automatically, multi-point Hipot – invest in the Vitrek V7X.

You will be glad you did.

98x Series Teraohmmeter/IR Testers

   Tera Omomierz / IR tester  The latest tester from VITREK, premiere of the meter March 20, 2019

DC Output Voltage 981i: 30V to 6500V.   Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.1V) 981i  with option HSS2: 30V to 5000V.  Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.1V+1V/mA) 983i: 60V to 11000 V.   Accuracy: +/- (0.25% rdg + 0.2V).   Output Resolution: 1V Loading: up to 4mA charging, 2mA continuous.
Current Measurement 981i & 983i.   RETURN current only, 1pA to 4mA.   Accuracy (Resistive Load up to 1000pF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 10pA + 2pA per kV).   Accuracy (Capacitive Load 1000pF to 50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 100 pA + 20pA per kV).   Accuracy (Capacitive Load >50nF): +/- (0.5%rdg + 1nA + 200pA per kV))

981i Resistive Loading : +/-(0.4%rdg + (R/(1TΩ per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 20Ω per kV) for R < 50TΩ Capacitive Loading (1000pF to 50nF): +/-(0.5%rdg + (R/(100GΩ per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 100Ω per kV) for R < 5TΩ Capacitive Loading (>50nF): +/-(0.6%rdg + (R/(10Ω per kV))%rdg + (10/V)%rdg + 1kΩ per kV) for R < 500GΩ

983i Resistive Loading : +/-(0.4%rdg + (R/(1TΩ per kV))%rdg + (20/V)%rdg + 40Ω per kV) for R < 50TΩ Capacitive Loading (1000pF to 50nF): +/-(0.5%rdg + (R/(100GΩ per kV))%rdg + (20/V)%rdg + 200Ω per kV) for R < 5TΩ Capacitive Loading (>50nF): +/-(0.6%rdg + (R/(10GΩ per kV))%rdg + (20/V)%rdg + 2kΩ per kV) for R < 500Gohm