Łódź, 29 stycznia 2018 r

In March 2017 we concluded an agreement on the representation of VITREK company from California in Poland. VITREK is known worldwide for its precision equipment for high voltage measurement. The meters manufactured by VITREK are characterized by high accuracy, precise reading, simple and intuitive operation. All VITREK products can be calibrated in our laboratory according to the procedures provided by the manufacturer.

ANMAR Poland has added VITREK 955i electric safety analyzer to its measurement laboratory. Precise VITREK 955i analyzer ensures high level and accuracy of measurement. The DSP technology provides high accuracy, stability, repeatability, high sampling rate and high resolution direct measurement of 100 pA. The meter provides voltage source up to 11 kV DC and 10 kV AC, as well as precise measurement of low resistance 100µΩ up to 149KΩ and capacity at maximum voltage range. If you are interested, we would like to invite you to a demonstration of the device in our laboratory.

If you are interested, we invite you to a demonstration of the device to our laboratory.