Our next purchase of Vitrek PA 900 high-precision multi-channel harmonic analyzer will be used in the electrical measuring station. The high quality and easy to use analyzer provides high accuracy multi-channel voltage and current measurement, as well as broadband energy measurement. The meter meets the criteria and specification of measurement up to 500 harmonics for 400Hz specified by Airbus Avionics, will enable us to expand our offer of services that we offer for the aviation industry.

            Measurements according to EN50564:2011 standard – programming the meter via touch screen. All necessary information is available on a single screen.
Measurement resolution – 22 bits for S & W cards and 24 bits for A cards.
Configuration as 2ø3w (2 channels), 3ø3w (2 channels), 3ø3w (3 channels), 3ø4w (3 channels)
Communication – Ethernet, serial port RS232 or USB (client) control interfaces
Front Panel USB Drive Interface – Permits data logging to a file, ‘screen shot’ capture, easy import and export of: display and measurement configurations & custom data screen definitions
CE marking according to EN61010 standard