Our new EU 3458A instrument from Keysight with an accredited manufacturer’s Calibration Certificate will join the calibrator station, its legendary precision and GPIB connectivity with other instruments will enable to fully automate the calibration process using MetCal and the procedures developed in our laboratory. This will result in a fourth fully automated, fully independent station. Other precision meters in our laboratory are Datron 4950, Fluke 8508A and Agilent 3458A.

Superb transfer measurements – 8.5 digits resolution – 0.1 ppm DC volts linearity – 0.1 ppm DC volts transfer capability – 0.01 ppm RMS internal noise
Extraordinary accuracy – 0.6 ppm for 24 hours in DC volts – 2.2 ppm for 24 hours in ohms – 100 ppm mid-band AC volts – 8 ppm  per year voltage reference stability