Vitrek Corporation USA has expanded its product range.

ANMAR Poland offers you the Milliohmmeter XT560B.

Displayed result up to 3300
Wide measuring range: from 10μΩ to 30MΩ
9 measuring ranges
Automatic selection of the measuring current from 100nA to 100mA
Accuracy: ±0.02% (most ranges)
Operation : automatic or manual
Communication port: RS-232 standard
Sampling rate: 10 measurements/sec.
Functions: HOLD, REL
Power supply: 90VAC to 260VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size: 8.9cm x 24.7cm x 28.0cm (HxWxD)
Weight: 2.27 kg
Supplied with: Kelvin type measuring instrument and conductors
Warranty : 12 months
Made in the US

The XT560B Digital Milliohmmeter is a dedicated, fully automatic instrument that selects the optimal test current, from 100nA to 100mA DC to accurately measure resistances from 10μΩ to 33MΩ. The XT560B will auto range between 9 ranges, or can be manually set to a fixed range. The XT560B includes a set of Kelvin test clip leads for making four-terminal measurements. The XT560B is ideal for measuring wiring or cable resistances, windings of motors or generators, lamp filaments, cable splices, wire-to-terminal resistances, heating elements, contact resistance of breakers or switches, connector quality/resistance, fuse resistances, transformers, and grounding connections.