BP-120MH Fluke, AKUMULATOR oryginalny

BP-120MH Fluke, AKUMULATOR oryginalny

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    AKUMULATOR DO FLUKE 43, 43B, 120, 123, 124

    Pojemność baterii to 3000mAh i jest zamiennikiem poprzednio produkowanych baterii typu BP120 i BP130

    The battery capacity is 3000 mAh, this is 50% more than that of the original BP120. As a result, the instrument-user will benefit from a much longer ‚up time’ than with the original NiCd battery, at the same volume and weight.

    The BP120MH is more environmental-friendly than the NiCd battery used before, as it contains no heavy metals. Just as before, the battery pack can be charged while installed in the instrument, using the PM8907 power adapter/charger.

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